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Taking a pledge to make Delhi roads safe

The Hero We Care initiative is inspiring many youngsters to get on board for the cause of road safety.

The Hero We Care Campaign is bringing a positive change with awareness camps, seminars and lectures. (Photo: HTCS)

In the last few weeks, the Capital has been witnessing a movement that is spurring the youth into action. Yes, this is the Hero MotoCorp’s ‘Hero We Care’ initiative that is creating awareness among youngsters, especially two-wheeler riders, to never go out without a helmet and asking motorists to keep seat-belts fastened when at the wheel. That is not all. The campaign is not stopping with just the commuters but is also asking pedestrians to pitch in. How? Upon seeing a road accident, by rushing the victim to the hospital and thus saving his or her life.

Taking this message to the youth are camps, seminars and lectures being organized in the top colleges of the Delhi University by the Delhi Traffic Police. Thousands of students have already been inspired to become road heroes. Besides the airwaves carrying messages on Fever 104 FM, and the digital media including websites spreading the word, the initiative’s momentum continues unabated to bring more and more youngsters on board for the cause of road safety.

Giving a thumbs up to this campaign are youngsters who insist that the rising figures of road accidents need to be brought down. Arnav Mahapatra, a college student, said that he and many of his friends have been inspired to become part of the Hero We Care campaign. “And we’ve already taken a pledge to become road heroes,” he says talking of the simple procedure they followed by logging onto this website and taking a pledge.

Preeti Khanuja (Photo: HTCS)

Already more than 24000 people have taken a vow to become road heroes. “More and more pledges need to be taken, for, more the number of people, the wider will be the spread of the message,” adds Arnav’s friend Sourabh. What’s more, recognizing the fact that many road victims become incapacitated and are unable to provide for their families, the initiative has teamed up with Buddy4Study to offer more than 200 scholarships for children of road accident victims. And it has already started identifying those that need them.

Preeti Khanuja, 34 year old entrepreneur who has studied in the U.K. and travels the world extensively dreams for safe roads in Delhi. She says if people can follow the rules when they are abroad why they don’t do so in their own city.

Mandvi Garg (Photo: HTCS)

She says drinking and driving should be dealt with utmost strictness and we as individuals should really do our bit by discouraging our friends and family to do so.

The story of Mandvi Garg, who has recently taken a pledge to become a Road Hero is one of inspiration. The 33-year-old Haryana-based banker lost her eyesight from a genetic disorder but that has not stopped her from following her passions even after getting visually impaired – be it for painting or mountaineering. Having done a 350 km long bicycle trip from Ahmedabad to Junagarh, Mandvi is hoping for a time when Delhi’s roads become a picture of safety, even for the visually impaired.

Syed Kashif Jafri (Photo: HTCS)

The young lawyer,Syed Kashif Jafri, comes across innumerable cases of accident victims, many of them serious, who could have escaped this fate had a little more care been taken. There is no point in having regrets later when just a little bit of care is what would have helped. Having pledged to become a road hero, he hopes many youngsters too get on board and help make Delhi a city that boasts of safe roads.

To join the movement, take the pledge below or SMS Hero Your Name to 8866001830.



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